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Weight Loss Surgery

How You Can Benefit From Weight Loss Surgery

There are a lot of ways you can benefit from weight loss surgery. Our bariatric surgery specialists know how to use the latest in medical science to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Bariatric surgery is a great option for people who have struggled to keep weight off. If diet, exercise have proven ineffective for you, weight loss surgery might be your best option.

There are plenty of reasons why diet and exercise fail to help some people lose weight. Everything from pre-existing medical conditions to genetics play a role in how we each gain and lose weight. Weight loss surgery can also be an effective choice for people who have severe medical issues that require lighting fast weight loss.

If you’ve been talking with your doctor about your weight, it might be time to consider weight loss surgery. These procedures are a safe and effective way to lose weight fast. For people concerned with their health who have had trouble keeping weight off, these options might be right for you.

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Providing You with a Healthy Weight loss Option

When it comes to losing weight, there are many options. Some are more effective than others. Many times changing your diet or activity level doesn’t work out for reaching your desired weight loss goals. Safe Med Travels offers Gastric Sleeve surgery (VSG) for weight loss so that your struggle with obesity ends.

In case your primary surgery does not produce the desired results, you can opt for a VSG revision surgery. However, the decision lies with your bariatric surgeon, who must have a proven track record to deliver successful results the first time only.

What Is VSG Revision Surgery

A VSG revision is performed in case you are dissatisfied with the amount of weight you lost through the primary gastric sleeve surgery. In other cases, the post-operative complications make revision surgery necessary.

The bariatric surgeon determines during the initial consultation whether you are an appropriate candidate for a VSG revision procedure or not. Depending on the evaluation, the surgeon considers one of the three options for a VSG revision:

  • Gastric sleeve to bypass revision
  • Re-sleeve gastrectomy
  • Conversion to duodenal switch

It is wise to ask your surgeon during your initial meeting about the gastric sleeve revision process and which technique would be appropriate in your case.


VSG Weight loss Calculation

You might want to know how much weight you will be losing by a gastric sleeve surgery (VSG). Each patient has a different answer to this question. However, you can calculate your expected weight loss prior to performing the procedure. With a clear picture in mind, you will go for the surgery with confidence.

On average, a patient loses around 60% of the excess weight. You can calculate your expected weight loss in a few steps:

  • Excess weight x 0.60 = expected weight loss
  • Current weight – expected weight loss = weight after surgery

You can calculate the weight loss on your own or use our VSG weight loss calculator.

Who Qualifies For VSG Revision Surgery

With age, your metabolism begins to slow down, making it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Combining this natural process with an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise compounds the problem. People who find it hard to lose weight can go for weight loss surgery in addition to maintaining a nutritious diet and working out.

You can qualify for a VSG revision surgery if you do not achieve the desired weight loss after the initial surgery. Also, in case you regain a significant amount of the excess weight or face complications in the original procedure, the surgeon might suggest a VSG revision surgery.

Post Surgery Care

Getting a VSG scar from the surgery is normal. At Safe Med Travels, our surgeons provide you with post-surgery support and care. The surgeons and physicians stay in touch with you to guide you with the post-op directions so that you do not encounter any health issues. You will be provided with healing tips and directions that will rid you of the VSG scars and help you enjoy the results.

Never go for self-medication or unprofessional advice.

At Safe Med Travels, not only do you get the best medical solutions for your problems but also the safest course for the execution of the solutions. Contact our expert surgeons, who will tell you more about your weight loss journey and help you get the results you have been looking for.